Onguard Doberman Chain Lock

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Light weight, easy to carry and available with either keyed or combination lock mechanisms, coil cable locks offer bike riders fast, convenient security for medium to low risk situations. Heavy-duty steel cables are permanently forged to lock heads for added security, cables are vinyl coated to protect paint and finishes.

6′ Long Lighter-Duty Coiling Cable.

Heavy-duty steel cables are self-coiling for convenience. Vinyl coated cables protect paint and finishes. Lock heads are permanently forged to cable ends. Key locks feature X2P Double Bolt lock heads for ultimate pull resistance. Combo locks feature steel ball Click-Combo-Gear System that’s user settable with 10,000 possible variations. Attached Velcro straps contain unruly coils during transport. Most models include NEW All-Tube Twist Lock mounting bracket. New Double Rubber Coated lock head covers protect paint and finishes.

Size:  185cm X 10mm

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